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Alaska Helicopter Tours


Is there a better way to see the spectacular scenery of Alaska when you come into port than through an Alaska helicopter tours? Do you want to be able to float from above and look down at the beauty that the state has to offer? If you really want to be able to take in all of the beauty and wonder, be sure to book a spot today so you can take a flight over the great state.

While helicopter adventures in multiple cities, helicopter tours in Juneau Alaska are the most popular. When people come into port at Juneau, they are ready for adventure, and they have realized that they can get adventure at a fair price.

From Juneau, you can take the dog mushing and glacier adventure, where you can land on a glacier and drive a dogsled. You can explore ice fields or go on the Pilot’s Choice and explore different glaciers. No matter which trip you choose, you are certain to experience the wonders of the state.

Our groups are small and personalized to fit, which means that you will be able to take in all of the fun that you can. Each helicopter only holds 6 passengers.

There are many reasons that people choose our Alaska helicopter rides over the packages offered by their cruise ships, including:

bulletOffering flexible booking
bulletCompetitive pricing
bulletVariety of tours to select from

Dolly Varden Alaska has managed to become the leader in supplying these adventures. Do not waste your time and money standing in line with the rest of the people from your cruise ship. Skip to the front of the line and book directly with an independent tour operator.



JNU-205 - Dog Mushing and Glacier Helicopter Tour  -
Allow 3 hours / Price: $495 per person under 250 lbs.; $595 per person over 280 lbs.

Pristine beauty, majestic mountains and ancient glaciers are seemingly within arm's reach as you near your glacier destination 100 Alaskan Huskies wait to share this essential part of Alaskan culture...mushing!  Experienced guides will talk to you about racing, back-country experiences and answer your questions as the team is hooked up and're off! 


JNU-215 - Helicopter Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier
Allow 2.75 hours / Price: $499 per person under 250 lbs.; $599 per person over 250 lbs. Through September 14

Join us as we fly over the lush rainforest, deep blue crevasses and glacier carved peaks as your pilots give you a spectacular flight seeing tour to our Dogsled camp on the Mendenhall Glacier.  click here for MORE / ADD TO CART >


JNU-206 Helicopter Icefield Excursion
Allow 2 hours / Price: $267 per person under 280 lbs.; $367 per person over 280 lbs.

This is one of our most popular adventures.  View spectacular mountain peaks, up to six different glaciers and deep glacial cirques with a one hour tour over the Juneau Ice Field and City of Juneau. You will visit either the spectacular Herbert glacier or the Taku glacier, the only advancing glacier in the Juneau Ice Field. Land for a walk on the surface of a living glacier while your experienced pilot points out and describes areas of interest.  MORE / ADD TO CART>


Glacier Crevass

JNU-207 - Helicopter Adventure Tour
Allow 3 hours / Price: $399 per person under 250 lbs.;

$598 per person over 250 lbs.

The Adventure Tour takes you on a one and a half (1.5) hour tour deep into the 1500 mile Juneau Icefield. You will find yourself flying over the emerald green valleys of Berners Bay and within moments you will view the breathtaking azure blue ice spires and deep crevasses that abound in the Juneau Icefield. 


JNU-226 - Mendenhall Glacier & Guided Walk 
Allow 2.25 hours / Price: $299 per person < 250 lbs; $399 > 250 lbs fully outfitted

Moments after departing Juneau, you’ll enjoy breathtaking vistas seen by few. Thriving rain forests, alpine ridges, and mountain peaks create a dramatic setting for the awe-inspiring Mendenhall Glacier. Your flight takes you over the glacier itself; the helicopter’s perspective giving you an eagle’s-eye view of ice spires, deep blue crevasses and meltwater pools. Descending towards our landing site, you’ll fly past the Mendenhall Towers -- rock sentinels that soar to nearly 7,000 feet!                       MORE / ADD TO CART >


JNU-227 - Pilots Choice Glacier Explorer Tour 
Allow 2.75 hours / Price: $379 per person < 250 lbs; $569 > 250 lbs fully outfitted

Your pilot will give you an eagle’s eye view of high alpine lakes, “icefalls” hanging from sheer cliffs and some of the most remote peaks and glaciers in the Juneau Icefield -- places like Wonderland, Glacier King, the Mendenhall Towers, and Devil’s Paw. The itinerary is flexible; your pilot is free to create the best possible tour under the current weather and glacier conditions.   MORE / ADD TO CART >




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