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"We had a wonderful time, especially on the Anan Creek excursion.  It was incredible and the pilot was great!  We highly recommend this tour.  People we talked to on the cruise who booked their excursions through the boat had totally different Ketchikan they took them to Neets, as booked, and there were zero bears (which is what our guides said would be the case and that is whey they changed ours to Anan Creek).  Needless to say, we were glad we had used your agency.


We will pass your name on to friends who are traveling to Alaska.  I am so glad I found you.


Thanks for your help."


Cindy McCauley


Alaska Bear Viewing Excursions

If you love animals and you love nature, bear watching is a great adventure for you.  Imagine standing by one of the biggest and most powerful animals in the world.  You will be able to see them in their natural habitat.  Watch them eat, watch them as they interact with their cubs, and see their towering presence.  Sound like your cup of tea? Then its time for you to go on an Alaska bear tour.

A trip to Alaska offers you some of the best opportunities to view these magnificent creatures, but you have to know where to look and when to look.  Since this state has such a huge bear population, where do you start looking? The secret is that bears love salmon. Find the salmon going up river or creek to spawn and you will find bears tracking them down. The question is which river or creek and this is where our expertise comes in to play.

The tour operators below know which rivers and creeks the salmon are coming up and thusly know where the bears will be.  They offer Alaska bear viewing in small groups, which means you will have a better chance of viewing the bears up close.  Large groups that go out looking for these animals often come back disappointed because the large groups scare them off.  When you go with them, you will be able to go back to the cruise ship amazed by your experience and have great stories to tell about your adventure.

These tour operators are experts in their field, which makes them a great choice when looking for an adventure.  When you use them, you will get:


Their expertise so your chances of seeing the animals will be greatly increased


Access to the best spots so you will have success on your adventure


All of the necessary arrangements made for you so you will be ready to go when you get to port

Bear viewing in Alaska can be a great adventure when you know where to go.  You can see things you have only dreamed of.  Is it time to make your dreams come true?  Give one of these expert Alaskan tour guides call today!

Sign up today so you are sure to get a spot on one of these great adventures.  Spots fill up quickly so make your reservations early so you are not left out of the fun.




ANC-507 - Redoubt Bay Bear Viewing


Enjoy a guided day tour with the opportunity to view Alaska's brown bears in their natural habitat. Fly 70 miles southwest of Anchorage to the entrance of Lake Clark Wilderness Preserve, home of the Redoubt Bay Lodge and incredible bear viewing. An experienced natural history guide will take you by boat through bear country. MORE / ADD TO CART >


ANC-508 - Katmai Nat'l Park Bear Viewing


Take off by seaplane for an all day bear viewing expedition past glaciers and volcanoes to the land of the giants, the brown bear country of southwest Alaska. Explore this unique area by air with your pilot who will fly you to places like Lake Illiamna, Katmai National Park, and Lake Clark, or wherever we may find the highest concentration of bears. MORE / ADD TO CART >


ANC-514 - Lake Clark Bear Viewing
Allow 11 hours / Price: $799 per person


A Lake Clark National Park bear viewing tour provides an Alaska experience of a lifetime. After an hour and ten minute  thrilling flightseeing tour from Anchorage to Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, knowledgeable guides escort you by boat to lakeside areas where bears feed on spawning, wild Alaska salmon MORE / ADD TO CART >




KTN-129 - Anan Creek Bear Excursion

By Permit Only - Book early to guarantee availability! Dates are July & August  Anan Creek Bear Observatory is one of the best opportunities to view bears in their natural habitat. This tour includes a 40 minute flight each way via float plane a 1/2 mile walk up a trail to the Observatory deck. You'll spend 1.5 hours watching both black & brown bear fishing for salmon making their way upstream.  MORE / ADD TO CART >


KTN-130 - Traitor's Cove Bear Watching Observatory


Traitor's Cove Bear Watching Observatory is another great way to see bears. This tour includes a 20 minute flight each way, a 1 mile van ride to the trail, and a short walk to the observatory deck. From there, watch black bear feeding on the salmon that are fighting their way up stream to spawn. A guide will be there to answer any questions or provide help if you need.   MORE / ADD TO CART >







Bear Viewing Excursions



Redoubt Bay

Katmai National Park

Lake Clark



Anan Creek Bear Excursion

Traitor's Cove Bear Watching

Misty Fjords/Hyder Observation




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