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Did you ever think you would get the chance to run your own dog sled team? What about doing it during the middle of summer on top of a glacier? There are few places in the world where you can do this. One of the few places you can is Alaska. Dog sledding in Alaska truly is an adventure that will make a trip unforgettable.

You will be meet at your cruise ship (or predetermined meeting location) where you be picked up and taken to the local heli-pad. From there you will fly by helicopter to a nearby glacier to the dog camp where the fun will begin. When you are in the helicopter on the way to the top of the glacier, you will be able to experience scenery that you would never be able to appreciate from land.

Once you arrive at the glacier, you will learn about Alaska dog sledding from the experienced local guides. They will tell you what you can expect as they teach you all about the famous Alaskan sport of dog mushing. In addition, you will learn how to drive a team of dogs through a three mile course.

Then, it will finally be time to start your adventure. You will be able to start mushing across the glacier, which is a once in a lifetime experience. You will be able to take part in the amazing sport that people in this state have made famous.

When you take a look below youíll be able to search through a variety of pre-approved tour operators to start your Alaska dog sledding adventure. Youíll be sure to find a tour that will fit best with your travel itinerary and your groupís needs. Youíll have a multitude of options so they can choose the level of fun they are up to. Alaska cruises dog sledding adventures are a great opportunity to experience the true Alaska.

When you book independently from the cruise ships for this incredible experience you will be able to not only save money but encompass it with a thrilling adventure. Some of the tours do not handle a large amount of people, so you can be in on the action instead of on the sidelines



JNU-205 - Dog Mushing and Glacier Helicopter Tour 
Allow 3 hours / Price: $495 per person under 280 lbs.; $595 per person over 250 lbs. Available May 7 Through August 31

Pristine beauty, majestic mountains and ancient glaciers are seemingly within arm's reach as you near your glacier destination 100 Alaskan Huskies wait to share this essential part of Alaskan culture...mushing!  Experienced guides will talk to you about racing, back-country experiences and answer your questions as the team is hooked up and're off! 


JNU-215 - Helicopter Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier  Allow 2.75 hours / Price: $499  per person under 250 lbs.; $599  per person over 250 lbs.

May 11th Through September 14


Join us as we fly over the lush rainforest, deep blue crevasses and glacier carved peaks as your pilots give you a spectacular flight seeing tour to our Dogsled camp on the Mendenhall Glacier.  MORE / ADD TO CART >




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