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About Dolly Varden Tours

I first visited Alaska in 1998 when my husband and I drove up the Alcan Highway from Seattle through British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and then on to parts of Southeast and the Interior.  My new husband had lived in Fairbanks and Ketchikan and he was dying for me to experience all that he loved about Alaska.  Not only was it the most incredible place I had ever been, but when I saw the expression on my husbandís face I knew a home in Alaska was in our future. We bought a house in Haines, AK and I soon started a new business.

With so many wonderful local guides in Alaska, the Dolly Varden concept was to introduce visitors to a more personalized, intimate experience than what they might have with a large group off the cruise ship tours. Through the years we have been able to locate the best trips and guides so you can plan your entire itinerary with us.

Although my business background was not in travel, I have been an entrepreneur all my life having owned several companies - in particular Warm Heart, Inc. a children's apparel company where we manufactured & sold high end sportswear all over the country to some of the leading department stores, catalogs & boutiques; and Jane Ambrose & Associates a consulting company. I often compare the apparel business to tourism - with product development, deadlines and schedules to meet and quality control at the heart.

I started Dolly Varden Alaska tours to get you a little off the beaten path, save you some money and get you to see Alaska in a more personal way than you might otherwise.  All of our tours are provided through independent Alaska companies who are dedicated to making sure you see the very Best of Alaska.

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  Travels with Ann & Jane: The Beginning of a Life Journey


My big sister Ann and I started traveling at a very young age - with parents, grandparents and anyone else who would take us anywhere.  We were born and raised in the first state, Delaware, but soon traveled through all of the original 13 states and at the ages of 10 and 11 took our first major trip to the "WEST" by train, stopping in Chicago,  Denver, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.  My grandmother who had grown up in Colorado longed for the mountains, fishing for trout in streams, and exploring the West.  My grandfather's job included travel throughout the United States and Mexico - so whenever we could, we tagged along - and were privileged to meet interesting people in each town who made sure we got off the beaten path and saw the local sights.

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